Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re hoping to hire a professional house cleaner for a deep and squeaky clean home or simply need some help handling your everyday clutters, it’s natural to have a query or two for the expert you’re considering hiring for the job. That’s why Oliva's Cleaning Services and Carpentry LLC has decided to create an FAQ page and answer various questions I commonly get asked about my business and cleaning methods!

Q: Do you take specific requests?

A: Absolutely! I work closely with my valuable customers to understand their needs. I will happily listen to your specific instructions, follow priority lists, and adapt as best as possible.

Q: Do you offer a free estimate and discounts?

A: Yes! I offer a free estimate to all the clients in my service areas. I also offer a 20% discount for new clients and referral discounts.

Q: Do you serve my area?

A: My professional cleaning solutions are available to clients throughout New Milford, CT and those with residential properties in any of the following areas:

  • New Preston CT
  • Bethel CT
  • Newtown Town CT
  • Southbury Town CT
  • Lake Carmel NY

Q: Do I have to remain at home during the cleaning?

A: many clients prefer to stay at their homes during the cleaning. However, it depends on your choice. Do you have a busy schedule? Don’t worry, just allow me access to your house, and I will take care of the rest. I guarantee that you will step into a sparkling clean home with the sweet aroma of cleaning products still hanging in the air.

Q: Do you deep clean every space of the house?

A: Yes! Oliva's Cleaning Services and Carpentry LLC is a deep cleaning company that delivers what it promises. My deep cleaning service has extra features that are not included in the standard cleaning process. I will clean every corner of your home that you often overlook, from the bathroom to the kitchen, sinks, and windows to virtually everywhere. I will sanitize your house as well.

Q: How often should I get my house professionally cleaned?

A: It’s crucial to clean your home regularly to remove all the dirt, food particles, dust, and other contaminants that accumulate every day. A Professional house cleaning service can remove the most stubborn dirt and dust from each part of your home and eliminate unsightly stains. That is why you get your home professionally cleaned once or twice a month.

Q: How much time will it take to deep clean my house?

A: Well, that’s a bit tricky, but the property size, the number of rooms and bathrooms, and its general condition affect how long it takes. An ordinary three-bedroom house typically takes 5 to 6 hours to deep clean. I take care to finish the task quickly without disturbing your usual routine.

Q: How should I book an appointment?

A: If you’re interested in booking an appointment with me and making use of my excellent deep house cleaning services, simply contact me at (203) 601-2068! I will answer every call promptly and courteously. I will also assist you with the scheduling process. Thank you for your interest!

Was this FAQ page informative? If there’s anything else that you would like to know about my professional deep cleaning services in New Milford, CT, be sure to let me know! I will gladly look forward to your call!

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